Adopt-a-Hole Program

The MCC Adopt-a-Hole program is designed to promote member involvement and instill a sense of community spirit. Volunteers participating in the program will be asked to help with:

  • sanding divots
  • repairing ball marks
  • picking up broken tees
  • putting garbage in containers

All members should however, continue to repair ball marks and divots on EVERY hole.

In addition, volunteers may make course improvements such as landscaping, fairway fertilization, ground repair, etc. as long as they get approval from the Golf Course Superintendent (Joe).  Volunteers can offer donated labor or can donate the cost of materials.

The Hole Captain should  coordinate with the Golf Course Superintendent to assure needed sand, seed, bucket, sand bottles, divot tools and other needed materials are provided upon request to care for your hole. 

The report below provides the number of volunteers who have already adopted a particular hole. We would like to have volunteers for each hole. You may sign-up to be a volunteer or a Hole Captain by filling out the form below. You can also volunteer to help on as many holes as you wish. The responsibilities of the Hole Captain include organizing planning meetings and 'work days' with other volunteers who have adopted the same hole, coordinating work days with the Course Superintendent to obtain any necessary resources (sand, dirt use of equipment, etc.)

Hole 1            Josh Hoelzeman (Hole Captain), Cody Beene

Hole 2           

Hole 3            Paul Zimmerman (Hole Captain), Jason Kordsmeir, Clay Voss

Hole 4

Hole 5            Mike Massey (Hole Captain), Mobley Family, Massey Family, Mike/Mary Wofford, Thomas Family

Hole 6            Darryl Rhoda (Hole Captain), Drilling Family, Whorton Family, Rhoda Family, Crowell Family

Hole 7            Steve Guinn (Hole Captain) Guinn Family, Rhoda Family, Crowell Family, Whorton Family, Drilling Family,

Hole 8
Hole 9            Cody Beene (Hole Captain), Josh Hoelzeman

Hole 10    

Hole 11

Hole 12

Hole 13

Hole 14    

Hole 15

Hole 16              Brian Dixon (Hole Captain),

Hole 17

Hole 18

Should you have any questions, please contact our Course Superintendent below.

Course Suprintendent: Joe Fougerousse 501-652-0252